New modular Forest School Training



Cambridge Forest Schools is proud to bring you the opportunity to gain an accredited Forest School qualification with a new modular course.

The new modular format allows you to plan your training route to becoming a Forest School leader at a pace that works for you.

Weekly sessions enable you to practise your skills between sessions and give you regular tutor contact. 

Twilight sessions mean less release time from your work and make keep the costs low.

Spring term: starting date Tuesday 27th January 2018

Practical days on Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th March

Summer term: starting date Tuesday 17th April 20

Practical days on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd of June

Attend a course of consecutive weeks to gain the Level 2, Level 2+ or Level 3 and upgrade to the next level with ease by attending additional weeks and adding to your portfolio of work.

Level 3: Certificate in Leading Forest School: 

9 week block, 2 practical days           Cost: £800+vat

Level 2+: Assist at Forest School with leadership elements: 

8 week block, 1 practical day             Cost: £600 +vat

Level 2: Assist at Forest School: 

6 week block, 1 practical day             Cost: £400+vat

Level 2 to Level 3 upgrade: 

3 week block and 2 practical days     Cost: £500+vat


If you have any further questions use the contact form below.



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